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2023-03 NITheCS Mini-school - 'An Introduction to Solitons and Solitary Waves in Physics and Mathematics' - Wednesday 8, 15, 22 & 29 March 2023
This mini-school offers a basic introduction to solitons and solitary waves in physics and mathematics. The focus is on applications and therefore renowned scientists working on solitons in very different branches have been invited to lecture on their fields of expertise.
In mathematics and physics, a soliton (or solitary wave) is a wave-like solution to nonlinear field equations that maintains its shape while it propagates at a constant velocity. Apart from that propagation, solitons are characterised by possessing localised energy densities. They have a wide range of applications in different branches of science, including optics, condensed matter, nanophysics, biology and nuclear & high energy physics.
In the course of this mini-school, lecturers from these different disciplines will explain how these various solitons are constructed from non-linear equations and how they feature in describing various aspects of nature.

8 March @14h00
‘Multidimensional Solitons’ - Prof Boris Malomed (Tel Aviv University)

15 March @14h00
‘Spatially localized and delocalized nonlinear vibrations in the lattices’ by Prof Sergey Dmitriev (Russian Academy of Sciences)

22 March @14h15
‘Chiral soliton models for baryons’ by Prof Herbert Weigel (Stellenbosch University)

29 March @14h00
‘Scattering and collisions of solitons in (1+1) dimension’
Dr Danial Saadatmand (Stellenbosch University)
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